Guest Poets – South Valley Prep Charter Middle School – Advanced Lit Class

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Today’s guest poets are a group of 8th grade students from South Valley Prep Charter Middle School, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their teacher, Carm Montez has been teaching poetry using various methods this school year.  She is one of the most innovative and creative teachers I have met in my 30 plus years in education.  The students became interested in micropoetry which is an outcome of creating poetry and posting on Twitter to meet the 140 character limit.  After studying Edgar Allen Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart, these students embraced micropoetry to retell Poe’s poem.  The poems listed here were live tweeted by their teacher Ms. Montez.  I was fortunate enough to see each tweet and retweet for others on Twitter to enjoy.  I also asked permission to post their poetry on this site as Guest Poets.  The students and Ms. Montez were all for it, but we needed administrative approval which was given — so here they are!  Each poem is listed here in the order they were posted on Twitter by their teacher.

For these very talented students, Ms. Montez wanted me to add that she was so proud of them for taking on this challenge!

Image:  We Heart It

Image: We Heart It

Adaption of –
The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
Retold in a series of #micropoetry tweets by the SVPS Mid-School Advanced Literature Class SVPS ~ ABQ
8th Grade
Advanced Literature
1.  It became too great
I dropped to my knees
Ripped off the boards
to reveal the heart ~ profound
2.  The sound grew louder
I talked faster
Desperate ~ I tried
To rid myself if that …. Sound
3.  My nerves grew sick
As the men spoke ~ unaware
I wished them gone
the air felt thick
A sound came to me
low … And quick
4.  My nerves grew sick
As the men spoke ~ unaware
I wished them gone
the air felt thick
A sound came to me
low … And quick
5.  The police were happy
I made them believe
I was at peace
but not quite at ease
the sound more distinct
I wanted it gone ~ extinct
6.  I had nothing to fear
there was nothing to hear
the old man had *left us
his fortune was here
he was close ~ very near
7.  I finished my work ~ ended my labors
but the cops ~ they came
told by the neighbors
A knock on the door
they searched ceiling to floor

8.  I was happy indeed

the dastardly deed was done

the body dismembered
the blood drained and gone

9.  I made no alliance
I worked on in silence
ingenious and wise
I buried the man
under the floorboards
gone forevermore

10.  A shriek ~ I leapt inside
as the heart faded …It beat no more
the privilege I had handed to me
to take a life

11. He sat there ~ motionless
knew the old man felt hopeless
anxiety seized him
I jumped… Suffocating him
taking his life #micropoetry

12. I heard a quick low sound
coming from all around
making me angry ~ a sound
a drum ~ beating ~ beating!

13.  wide open it was
open and wide!
dull and blue
furious ~ furious ~ livid I grew
I could see everything
and he couldn’t see me

14. I didn’t hear the
old man lay down
I tiptoed across the floor
and quietly opened the door
a single dim ray
lay upon his vulture eye

15. He sensed my shadow
comforted himself
all in vain ~ Death stalked
and it was right
I was there ~ out if sight

16.  While the world slept
echoes and terror
filled the old man
I knew it well
I knew his fear ~ I knew what he felt

17.  My head was in ~ my body was tense
I focused the lantern ~ but it didn’t work! My thumb had slipped
the man sat up with jerk

18.  His room was dim
it almost seemed foggy
I worked so slowly
pushing the door
careful ~ no sounds
breathing no more

19.  Day eight I was tentative
but determined
the old man and his eye
another day would not live
my anger compelling
I entered his dwelling #mpy

20.  seven days straight
exactly at midnight
I looked in on the man ~ while he slept
I planned ~ I waited ~
once .. he heard me ~ and wept #mpy

21.  Placing my head inside of the door
not a sound could be heard
from my lantern
no light
I would see that devil eye and see it tonight #mpy

22.  You should have seen me
so patient ~ so careful
I was kind ~ so kind ~ as kind as could be
why would anyone suspect me…

23. “I heard all things in Heaven and Hell..”  They call me *mad …

But calmly my story 
I will tell
24.  Death was my will
the eye forever there
I feared it
hated it
it gave me a scare
I would rob him of his life ~ I would kill
Each poem is the intellectual property 
of these students and is copyright protected.

Lace Curtains


Image:  We Heart It

Image: We Heart It

Lace Curtains

Her life was 
lived …
always watching
from behind…
Lace Curtains
Copyright © 2013 Annie – Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

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