Image:  We Heart It

Image: We Heart It

The Sky You Were Born Under*

Looking up at
Midnight the sky
is amazing
Winter stars dancing
Through their paces
The view from outside
the city is unbelievable
There are things in the 
night sky you see
no other place
The Moon whispers
to the Stars…
This is how 
we made them…
how we gave
them life…
their souls…
their true being…
Their place under
the heavens determines
who and what
they are..
will be…
will become…
If they only
Hear the ancient
Heed the wisdom
Learn the lessons
of the Old Ones
They will be able
to pass this life along
to all who will come
becoming one
with us…
the universe…
the Moon and
Copyright © 2014 Annie – Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie
*Poetry prompt from the first line in Joy Harjo’s poem “Remember” from ‘How We Become Human’
The full poem may be found at this website: