Ice Cream

It happened one

July 4th during

my early childhood


A morning spent

watching the parade

from a favorite spot

on the town square


on to the city park

where a traditional

carnival always

tempted us all

with exotic food

and terrifying rides


A picnic table

claimed for the day

and a place to watch

the evening fireworks

An all-day celebration…

family traditions…


Swimming at the

attached water park…

napping under the

picnic table


the best ever treat

Ice Cream…

Not your usual cone

with one scoop on

top of the other


special cones…


ice cream wells

Cones only seen

there once a year


Selection made —

chocolate in one

and vanilla in the



expecting that

first cold taste


And the…


As I turned away

from the stand…

someone in the

crowd bumped

my arm


instead of a first

cold bite I  was

faced with two

empty cone slots


my two scoops

staring up at me

from the ground

Copyright © 2015 Annie – Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie