Source: Unknown

Source: Unknown

To Follow the Light

Shining through the darkness

Cutting into the woods

She saw it …

That unusual light

What was it?

Where did it lead?

Who is there?


All questions she

asked each time

the light presented

itself …

Yet never taking

time to answer them


One sleepless night

deep after midnight

she wandered into

the woods and there

it was …

shining on the path

leading her…

challenging her…

daring her…

to follow


Without knowing how

she arrived suddenly

there was a small

softly lit cottage in

front of her begging

her to come inside


Carefully, she walked

onto the small porch

and looked inside

to find a cozy fire and

welcoming room she

could not resist entering


On the hearth sat a

mug of honeyed tea

and a plate of sweet breads


Did she dare?

Was she intruding?

Who lived here and

where were they?


Hearing a tiny sound,

she turned and saw the

cottage’s resident …

“Come in my child,”

“I have waited for

a long time for you

to come,” stated the

tiny elderly woman.

“Sit, eat, drink,”

“Your training is

about to begin, and

your life will be

forever changed.”

Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

Note: This is a companion poem to a piece of flash fiction written to the same picture prompt. It may be read at the following link: