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Source: Google Images

Hot Chocolate!

My life of crime began

at the age of 3 …

maybe 4

When you reach my

age it is difficult to

remember that long ago


On the weekly grocery

shopping trip with

my Mom there it was

Right at my finger tips

to tempt me


I did not resist!


My favorite candy…

A Hershey milk chocolate bar

And …

it fit exactly into my

white patent purse


The deed was done and

so was the shopping

On the way home I

whipped out my pilfered

snack and began to

delicately unwrap those

tempting chocolate squares


With many questions my mother

pulled it out of me that

the chocolate bar had not

been paid for but was acquired

by what I have learned is called

a five-finger discount


Finally home, groceries put away

and the lecture began about my

life of crime and how the theft

of that chocolate bar took money

away from the store owners.


Result of that discussion …

Back to the store and I

was allowed to go in alone

confess my crime


make financial restitution

this process was much worse

than any spanking I ever had


Life lesson learned that day …

My one and only day as

a chocolate thief or

thief of any kind …


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Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie