Source: WeHeartIt

Source: WeHeartIt

Frozen in Time …

She held his pocket watch

in both hands



How many times

had she done this

same thing as a child?


He had two actually …

The railroad watch

with a train running

across the bottom

just below the ‘6’

His everyday watch

The one that he

slipped into his

right pocket each

morning before going

off the work

to build another bridge

connecting ribbons of

highway all across

the state


The other …

A gold watch with  a

snap cover and a red

stone embedded in

the top of the stem

His Sunday watch

The watch with a

chain that draped

across the fancy vest

he wore that sported

a special pocket for

the watch and a

buttonhole for the

toggle end of the

chain ..

draped just so across

his mid section


I inherited both

upon his death

And …

even though he was

buried in his Sunday

best, the full suit

I kept the Sunday

watch as mine

And …

his Railroad watch

went in to its rightful

place in his pocket

as it should have been


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Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie