What if? – Writing Outside the Lines – Prompt 30

This prompt for this week is:

February 28 What if …

Source: WeHeartIt

Source: WeHeartIt

What If?

It would be wonderful

if we could turn back

time and start over

knowing then what

we know now and having

the luxury of doing every

thing right this time around


What if …

We met again and had

different ground rules

Sharing expectations

and sticking by both

No hidden agendas…

No lies…

No doubts…

Open …

Honest …


The only key to

keeping things real

and no one

getting hurt because

egos got in the way


What if …

Loyalty was honored

and trust was

the priority


What if …

You let me be me

Honored and

respected me

as I have always

done for you


What if …

things could be

different now …


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As Ever, Annie