Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

Giggles …

A friend had this bumper sticker on

her car back in the 1980s …

‘Life is too short to dance with ugly men’

Every time I saw her car it made me

Giggle …

Sometimes an out right belly laugh depending

on who she was dating at the time and/or

my current main squeeze


Life is too serious not to have fun

and giggles are part of fun …

Laughter is important, but giggles

are an entirely different matter …

They build from somewhere deep

inside bubbling up to the back

of your throat until they come

pouring forth like a fine champagne

They burst forth and are contagious

leaving us happy all over

and smiling deeply


Look for fun in life


Giggle often …


Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie