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Bacon Magic

Being a properly raised southern girl

I grew up knowing the magic of bacon

Of course, the ability to wake the

dead when cooked early in the morning

is just one piece of bacon magic

That delicious aroma wafting

through the house can bring forth

the most die-hard late sleeper


As Emeril says, “Pork fat rules!”

Yes it certainly does!

Bacon added to anything enhances

other flavors and tickles the

taste buds of everyone I know


Now … I grew up with the

traditional aluminum bacon

grease can with a strainer that

was part of the obligatory

kitchen canister set

That can held a place of

honor next to the cook top

where it was readily available

to season almost anything

needing some magic

It was there if bacon

cooked for breakfast did

not produce enough ‘grease’

to fry a proper egg

Handy to add to the bottom

of an iron skillet before

buttermilk biscuits were baked


Not owning one of the necessary

aluminum canister sets I have to

use the universal substitute to save

my magic bacon elixir …

a Mason jar that sits at the back of

my stove-top just as handy as the

aluminum dripping can was when

I was growing up watching my

Mom create Kitchen Poetry every

time she prepared a meal


As I write, my mouth waters thinking

about freshly snapped green beans

and new potatoes cooked with a good

splash of bacon magic in the pot

I have yet to master the flavor my

Mother created when she cooked

this combo … and I never will


The older I become, the more I

use bacon magic in my cooking

Not only does it make my food delicious …

But …

it brings back such lovely

food memories from childhood


Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie