A Breath of Silence

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A Breath of Silence

Not a leaf moving

No breeze on the morning air

Just before dawn with

Eastern clouds bathed in

their early morning blush

and brilliance of streaming

gold as the sun begins to

wake the day


Western clouds not to be

outdone bloom fluffy and white

with tips of pink reflecting from

their sisters in the East


As I go about my chores …

Feeding barn cats

Replenishing water bowls


Watering my tiny garden

That Breath of Silence

surrounds me

The one that screams loudly

that a scorching summer day

will again push its way into

surrounding yards in my neighborhood

and far-flung fields

Cracking the parched ground

Searing anything green to

crispy brown as

Summer proves again

it has total control

Copyright © 2017 Sharyl
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Sharyl


First Fig


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First Fig

Last week was a  personal celebration

of sorts …

A reunion long anticipate


Out of curiosity I saw that

First Jewel hanging ripe and ready

In my excitement I held back

from plucking that green and golden

orb and eating it with the white milk

running down my arms


Rushing inside for containers

my mouth watered and my brain

planned breakfast around these

royal delights


I braved the leaves that cause

my skin to itch and develop

horrible allergic hives

I braved the milky sap that

causes my skin to react in

other unpleasant ways


I picked and searched and

picked again until my two buckets

were full of sticky figs waiting

to satisfy my taste buds …

to quench the thirst of many years with

their delicate inner flesh

Smiling I walked inside anticipating

the sweet taste of the

First Fig …

The first after six longs years of drought

Copyright © 2017 Sharyl
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Sharyl


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I enjoy the creature comforts of

small town life …

A nice home with everything I need

Cool or warm depending on the season

Plugged in:

Satellite TV

High Speed Internet

which leads to other addictive obsessions

with media overload

Yet …

All around me I am reminded

even in town – country life surrounds me

A lone cow bawling in the small lot across the street

A rooster crowing in the day somewhere to my northwest

Two horses saying their good mornings – one to my right

the other to my left – unseen but not unheard

Then I see it …


The water bowl I keep in the old garage for

barn cats, neighborhood dogs, a brave bird or two

just about anything wandering by in need of a drink

The bowl was empty again with the bottom

covered in a thin layer of dark brown … almost black


Another reminder of my country surroundings … Raccoons

Of course they view the water bowl filled with clean water

as their personal washing up station

This bowl is refilled morning and night with fresh cool water

so these guys are in heaven and the other animals have no

water to drink or no clean water if any remains

They guys – I am guessing two or three young ones –

have not been seen

But …

The MUD is a clear sign of their presence

Out on their own looking for food and of course water

Now the bowl will need changing more often and

extra food left in the old garage since these little

bandits have invade the safe haven …

the sanctuary …

of a handful of dedicated barn cats

Copyright © 2017 Sharyl
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Sharyl

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