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You don’t know me

Yet …

You are throwing

Hate filled



At me

Chastising me

Berating me

trying to intimidate me

Mama said

There would be

Days like this

She told me …

“Sister, put on

fresh lipstick – red is preferred

straighten your hose

Adjust your crown

And …

Keep your head

held high”

Words like that

From people like that

Are meaningless

Attempts to

Boost their ego

By destroying yours

Indicate cowardly ways

Ignore them

Ignore their hateful words

Be the Better Person

And go on with your life …


© Annie 2017

I’ll Be Damned… Day 15 April PAD

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I’ll Be Damned…

My father was a

master in the art of

using curse words…

Damn or Damned

or Dammit were

sprinkled liberally

through his sentences

along with an occasional


I inherited his ability

to use curse words

with finesse…

Although my words

run a bit more

colorful than an

occasional DAMN


Of course…

A proper Southern

Lady did(does) not

use such language

I was always told


I am Southern

Never to be mistaken

for Proper


A Lady non the less…

The older I get

the more colorful my

language becomes

Not that I don’t

have a vast vocabulary


As my Mama always

told me,

“Sometimes you just

have to cuss!”

Well, I’ll be


Mama was always right!

Copyright © 2015 Annie – Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie

Today’s prompt asked us to look back to previous writing for an adjective to use for the prompt … I seem to use the word ‘damn’ much too often. Perhaps I need to do the reverse of what Mark Twain suggested!

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