The Last Office

Day 18 – Writer’s Digest April 2016 PAD

Another Monday, eh? For some, Mondays equate to “back to the office” day.

For today’s prompt, write an office poem. Maybe this is related to your work, but maybe this is a poem at a dentist’s office, doctor’s office, bank office, office in a car factory, or some other type of office.


Source: We Heart It

Source: We Heart It

The Last Office

In twenty years

I had moved from office

to the next

Each had pros and cons

Some too small

One in particular way too big


My last office was just right

as Goldilocks would say

The location was convenient

to everything and each place

in the building

An interior corner office

at the junction of a highly

trafficked hallway

A sanctuary for me as

well as others who could

stop by any time to

say ‘hi’…

snag a piece of chocolate

I kept on a shelf by the door


To close the door and pour

out their frustration…

their sadness…

their hurt…

their disdain…

but most of all

their success and happiness


Good memories for

retirement as well

as not so good ones

All in the past

so I focus on the

good and not the bad …


Copyright © 2016 Annie Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie



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