Image:  We Heart It

Image: We Heart It

Southern Music

The true music
of the South
isn’t banjo pickin’
guitar strummin’
The real Southern
music is the lilting
drawl of words
only the practiced
tongue of genteel
men and women
can produce
Words that remind
you of slow summer
Bees buzzing
Warm honey
and cold sweet tea
One syllable words
stretched to three…
sometimes four —
for greater
With clipped
vowels and
consonants that
make a simple
“right here” become
“rit chere”
and “over here” 
sounds like
“ova heua”
An authentic Southern
accent is not “red-neck”
not “uneducated” but
a cultivated part of
their culture
A Culture that takes
me back to my roots…
Reminding me of 
my Dad…
his brothers and sisters…
my cousins…
All long gone
Their voices…
their words…
their real Southern
Drawl is preserved
in the muscle memory
of my Mind 
And …
my Tongue
Copyright © 2014 Annie – Original Poetry
Always…I wish you peace, joy and happiness, but most of all I wish you Love.
As Ever, Annie
*This poem was inspired while watching a segment of Trisha’s Southern Cooking on the Food Network when one of her uncles from Georgia was there frying catfish.  His voice so reminded me of my father that it brought tears to my eyes and I longed to hear the voices of those no longer with me.